The 2018 Men's World Floorball Championships

28. 1. 2019

The biggest world floorball event - The 2018 Men's World Floorball Championships were the 12th World Championships in men's floorball. The tournament took place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 1 to 9 December 2018.

Eclipse prepared the complete branding of the Prague O2 Arena and the Sparta Arena at Podvinný mlýn.

The largest complete branding in the history of the most modern multi-purpose hall in Europe with a capacity of 17000 spectators. In the extremely short time- 48 hours- we prepared the O2 Arena.

For the whole event, we used a complete portfolio of almost all the materials we work with: printing billboards, bigboards, posters for CLV,  kilometers of non-woven textiles. Production of 3D cardboard gift boxes for partners, floor films, light-colored photo frames, presentation systems, satin VIP decorations, cardboard banners, magnetic applications, printed carpets, linoflor, lined caps, cardboard, plastic from 1mm to 1cm  ,roller magnifiers, beach flags, flags on poles... in short time, we applicated all the advertising that you can imagine.

All in record time, tailored, professionally, including installation and uninstallation.

Thanks to our printing facilities, a portfolio of materials, technologies and years of experience in the field -we are able to prepare, design and market any event, sporting or social event, including the biggest and the most demanding.

We are Czech Floorball partners and thank you for an unforgettable experience!

Viac noviniek